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Photo‐reactivity of surfactants in the sea‐surface microlayer and subsurface water of the Tyne estuary, UK

Rickard et al. (2022)


Focussed laboratory experiments, planned and undertaken by Philippa, that investigated the photo-reactivity of the surface-active organic matter pool across a 0-32 salinity gradient.

Stolle et al. (2020)


Multidisciplinary field campaign, that Philippa participated in, and effort by the international microlayer community to describe day/night functioning of the air-water interface.

The MILAN Campaign: Studying Diel Light Effects on the Air–Sea Interface

Reconsideration of seawater surfactant activity analysis based on an inter-laboratory comparison study

Rickard et al. (2019)


International collaboration, led and coordinated by Philippa, to validate methodology used across global leading microlayer laboratories.

E x p e d i t i o n s

Atlantic Meridional Transect


Six weeks at sea, sailing the Atlantic Ocean from 50° South (Falkland Islands) to 50° North (UK), onboard RRS Discovery.

Lake Erken, Sweden


Month long seasonal field campaigns at the Uppsala University field station, Erken Laboratory, using a skiff to access the water.

Jade Bay, Germany


Participation in the three-week MILAN experiment, with RVs Oztum and Zephyr. Hosted by the ICBM (University of Oldenburg), Wilhelmshaven.

River Tyne Estuary, UK


Seasonal and salinity gradient transects, with a combination of sampling from the river bank and from Newcastle University's RV Princess Royal.

North Sea, UK


Monthly transects up to 20 km offshore on the Northumberland coastal North Sea, onboard Newcastle University's RV Princess Royal.

São Vicente, Cape Verde


In partnership with the Ocean Science Centre, Mindelo. Capacity building within the local community.

L a b o r a t o r y
a p p r o a c h e s


Total surfactant activity quantification in natural water samples, using alternating current out-of-phase voltammetry.


Total absorbance and chromophoric dissolved organic matter content of natural water.


Fluorescent dissolved organic matter quantification, peak picking and PARAFAC analysis.

Liquid chromatography

Size exclusion chromatography of dissolved organic matter compound specific size fractions, with organic nitrogen, organic carbon and ultraviolet detection.

Mass spectrometry

Fourier-transform ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometry of solid phase extractions of dissolved organic matter in water.

Air-water gas exchange

Operation of custom built systems, and in in situ sensors, that establish rates of gas transfer in water and across the air-water interface.

Sediment digestions

Marine sediment core processing and digestions for diatom slide preparation.

Light microscopy

Counting and identification of diatom assemblages from marine sediment cores, species identification and cell isolation from natural water samples, and monitoring live culture health.

Diatom culturing

Maintenance of established single species diatom cultures, cell isolations and culturing from natural water samples, and monitoring growth phases.

Particle size analysis

Marine sediment core processing.

Loss on Ignition

Marine sediment core processing.

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